How To Create Great Content

In this day and age, most businesses have a website, and most understand the importance of SEO. It’s like the new Yellow Pages – just a lot more complicated! Many businesses prefer to hand their entire SEO campaigns over to online marketing agencies such as WMEGroup, as few business owners have time (or the skills) to carry out work themselves. However, if you’re one of those business owners who likes to get involved and you have a little bit of spare time on your hands, there is some work you can do – and it will certainly complement any work your SEO provider is carrying out. So what sort of SEO work can the average business owner do? Content. And lots of it.

Get writing

You may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ before. Some even say that ‘content marketing’ is the new SEO. No matter which way you look at it, content is a major part of any SEO campaign – and its importance is set to rise further in 2015. As a business owner, there are two types of content you should be concerned with:

Website content

This is the content that’s visible across your website – from the homepage and ‘About Us’ page, right through to internal page about products and services. This content would usually be written by your SEO provider (at least target pages), or if you have existing content when you sign up, it should be reviewed to ensure it’s SEO friendly. Most large SEO companies have in-house content teams – for example, WME review content for their clients, and writes any new content that is required as part of the campaign. Of course, some business owners prefer to write their own website content – especially online retailers who are constantly adding new products. Most companies shouldn’t have a problem with this, they’ll just check over it for you to make sure it’s going to complement the SEO process.

For those wanting to write their own website content, there’s a few things to remember:

•    Content needs to be in-depth, informative and explain your business accurately – thin content (product pages excluded) isn’t viewed favourably by search engines
•    Keywords should not be overused – modern SEO content writing still involves keyword insertion, but keep it to 1-2% density
•    Don’t copy – when it comes to SEO, duplicate content is a big no-no!


Those interested in creating blogs for their website are encouraged to do so – updating a site with fresh content is a great way to boost site authority and it’ll therefore help with SEO.

Blogs should be:

•    Original (no duplicate copy)
•    At least 400 words in length
•    On a topic that is highly relevant to your business
•    Well written – spelling, grammar and all the rest is very important
•    Posted as regularly as possible

Stuck for ideas?

For blogs in particular, it can be hard to think up fresh ideas every week. If you’re stuck, most SEO companies offer a blog writing service as well. WME SEO campaigns, for example, can incorporate blog writing packages if required – so there are plenty of options if you’re stuck for ideas (or time)!

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